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The enemy approaches through the trees. The group stops while the druid calls upon Nuture to buff his companions for the fight they will be facing. The enemy appears. From the side, you see the druid casting spells to heal and aid the group during the fight. Another enemy breaks from the trees. The druid quickly sends his spirit companion to intercept the additional foe. A third enemy approaches and the druid calls upon the trees. Their roots spring from the ground to hold the enemy in place.

Followers of the Path of Harmony, druids use natural magic. They are primarily healers with a variety of spells they can learn to aid their realm mates. They receive basic buffs and can specialize in buffs that are unique in the realm. Druids have some offensive capabilities. Besides the ability to pick up a weapon and swing it at an enemy, they can cast poison spells to physically harm their opponent and cast root spells to freeze their opponent in place. They are also able to summon Nature's spirits as companions to travel or fight beside them. The role of a healing druid can be exacting. It takes a lot of patience, dedication and quick reflexes to keep your group healthy and performing their best. A druid can choose to spend his life alone with his spirit companion, dedicated to a group, or a little of both.

Attributes & Races[]

Celt 60 + 45 60 + 23 60 + 15 60606060602% Crush3% Slash5% Spirit
Firbolg 70 + 45 60 + 23 90 + 15 40406060603% Crush2% Slash5% Heat
Sylvan 60 + 45 60 + 23 70 + 15 55457060603% Crush2% Thrust5% Matter5% Energy

What Race should I be?

When determining race in Dark Age of Camelot it is important to remember that by level 50, most stat deficiencies or bonuses can be leveled out with Realm Abilities. There are however certain circumstances in which a particular race is better for a class. For Druids, dexterity for spell casting speed, and empathy are going to be the deciding factors.

Celt - Probably the best choice for a Druid. They have the most dexterity. This means they will cast spells faster than their counterpart Firbolg or Sylvan. However, a lower Empathy score means less healing, but your bonus to dexterity more than makes up for this.

Firbolg - Not the worst selection for a Druid. They are big and can be spotted easily in RvR, and have a really low starting dexterity. While they have a bonus to their Empathy score, their lack of dexterity makes them less appealing.

Sylvan - Worst choice for a Druid. They have a bonus to stats that have no effect on a Druid, and are lacking dexterity.

As mentioned before, once you reach level 50 and get some Realm Ranks for your character, these deficiencies can be leveled out. Choosing your race is completely up to you and your preferences.

Abilities & Specialization[]

409s.png Sprint

Nature Affinity

104s.png Cloth
105s.png Leather
163s.png Reinforced
106s.png Scale

209s.png Staves
202s.png Blades
212s.png Blunt
226s.png Shield (Small)

Master Levels
2635s.png Convoker
2610s.png Perfecter

Sub Classes
0s.png Forester
0s.png Guardian
0s.png Magician
0s.png Stalker

496s.png Alchemy
498s.png Armorcraft
485s.png Basic Crafting
489s.png Fletching
488s.png Spellcrafting
492s.png Tailoring
499s.png Weaponcraft
497s.png Siegecraft

Common Specializations

Healing / Field Buffs - This spec is fairly common among druids that like to participate in RvR, and can also work well for PvE. You can buff your groupmates if they die or become sheared. This spec can vary slightly depending on personal preference.

40 Nurture, 35 Regrowth, 9 Nature



PvE for a druid is quite simple. When in a group, you will need to heal them when they become low on HP, or their pets. It is important to note that the different heals on a Druid can get you aggro. Simply put, the smallest heal nets you less aggro, while the biggest heal nets you more aggro. Also note that depending on the class of your groupmates, they can taunt with styles, or take aggro with damaging spells. Your DoT can get you aggro as well.

Druids are fairly essential to PvE in Hibernia. Finding groups will be easy for both PvE and RvR.


RvRing on a druid can be difficult. You will need to have skills in mobility and kiting, reading and knowing your own groupmates, and knowing when to use certain heals. Your primary abilities will consist of your Major Heal, Greater Heal, Instant Heal, Minor Group Heal, Group Heal, Spreadheal, and Root. Secondary abilities will be your buff shears, curing poison/disease, and DoT.

How Do I know what Heal to use?

Knowing your heals is very important. There are many different scenarios in which certain heals will be best.

If one of your groupmates is in Line of Sight, and has become assist targeted or taking massive damage, it is best to use your single target Greater Heal. If they are not in line of sight, sometimes it is best to use your Spreadheal, and sometimes best to use your Group Heal.

What is a Spreadheal?

Spreadheals are specialized healing spells that intelligently heals the most damaged member of the group. It is usefull when there's no time to detemine who in your group needs help first. It is best to think of a Spreadheal as a pool of healing. When cast, it is distributed amongst your groupmates to whoever needs it the most. The cast time on this spell is long, however, and can sometimes be inappropriate to use depending on how fast you need to get a heal off. The amount of healing Spreadheals can do depends on how large the group is.

Should I be fighting?

Yes, and no. If there is little to no healing to be done, you can help your group by interrupting opponents with your DoT, buff shear, or Root. You will have to determine when it would be helpful, or when trying to Kite something off of you, or a groupmate.

Realm Abilities[]

Symbol vote yes2.png Primary Realm Abilities Symbol vote yes2.png Neutral.png Secondary Realm Abilities Neutral.png Symbol vote no2.png Useless Realm Abilities Symbol vote no2.png

Ras.png Augmented Acuity
Ras.png Augmented Constitution
Ras.png Augmented Dexterity
Ras.png Augmented Quickness
Ras.png Augmented Strength
Ras.png Avoidance of Magic
Ras.png Long Wind
Ras.png Mastery of Focus
Ras.png Mastery of Healing
Ras.png Mastery of Magery
Ras.png Mastery of Pain
Ras.png Toughness
Ras.png Wild Healing
Ras.png Wild Minion
Ras.png Wild Power

Ras.png Ethereal Bond
Ras.png Lifter
Ras.png Serenity
Ras.png Veil Recovery

3015s.png Barrier of Fortitude
3035s.png Divine Intervention
3018s.png Perfect Recovery
3010s.png Purge

3000s.png First Aid
3006s.png Mastery of Concentration
3007s.png The Empty Mind

3001s.png Adrenaline Rush
3008s.png Mystic Crystal Lore
3009s.png Raging Power
3002s.png Second Wind

Symbol vote yes2.png Useful Realm Abilities[]

  • Augmented Acuity
  • Augmented Dexterity
  • Ethereal Bond
  • Mastery of Healing
  • Serenity
  • Wild Healing
  • Divine Intervention
  • Mystic Crystal Lore
  • Raging Power
  • Perfect Recovery

Neutral.png Neutral Realm Abilities[]

  • Avoidance of Magic
  • Purge
  • Toughness
  • Mastery of Focus
  • Mastery of Concentration
  • Wild Minion

Symbol vote no2.png Lesser Use Realm Abilities[]

  • Augmented Strength - Not a recommended RA, but will help with melee damage and increase your encumberance, that is helpful for crafters or those that carry seige into battle.
  • Lifter - Helps increase your encumberance, if you're a crafter it is particularly useful, particularly if you tend to craft seige to carry into battle though the later is likely more often done by tank class.
  • Long Wind - Reduces cost of sprinting. Can be useful, but not often a chosen RA because of Bards.
  • Mastery of Magery - this will increase DoT (Damage over Time) damage. Can be a helpful RA for a Nature Druid.
  • Mastery of Pain - Increased chance to achieve a critical hit in combat. This RA is only helpful to a Nature Druid.
  • Veil Recovery
  • Veil Recovery
  • Adrenalin Rush
  • Barrier of Fortitude
  • First Aid
  • Second Wind

Realm Rank 5 Ability:[]

Name Nature's Womb
Reuse 10 minutes

An instant cast spell that silences the druid for 5 seconds and converts all damage taken for the duration into healing the druid.

Useful Artifacts[]





Egg of youth


eternal plant

crocodile tear ring


Other Useful Items[]


CL or dragon quest, dragon scales buckler


Astral Leggings of Fortification

Netherworldly Scale Hauberk

crafted items


Construct Forged Ring, Glimmerspirit Cloak, Glimmershade Bracer


Greater Mythirian of Power