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Dragons are legendary creatures, typically depicted with serpentine or reptilian traits. Only the bravest of adventurers seek out this mythical beasts, and only few survive to tell the tale.

Each of the three realms have their own individual dragon that resides deep within their specified epic zones.

In Albion you will find Golestandt who resides deep within her lair o


n the southern edge of Dartmoor.


In Midgard you will find Gjalpinulva who resides in his fortress in the southwestern corner of Malmohus.


In Hibernia you will find Cuuldurach, the Glimmer King, can be found in the southeastern corner of Sheeroe Hills.

Though these dragons are the main, realm specific dragons, these are not the only dragons in the game. The main three dragons were added to the realms in 2002 when the epic zones were added. However, more dragons have been added in the following years and expansions.

For example, the infamous twin-headed Xanxicar resides in the Crystal Cave that can be found within the City of Avalon. Nosdoden, a giant mutated dragon from deep within Trollheim, Midgard is also another infamous encounter.