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Does the game have Zones?

Dark Age of Camelot features a unique world architecture that almost completely removes the need for players to "zone" between game areas. The system has "Regions" that are made up of huge areas of the game -- inside which players will not have to wait to zone, as in other online RPGs. Instead, the player moves inside a "bubble" that keeps track of all monsters and other characters near the player. As the player moves around, the bubble continually refreshes itself by loading in new objects, monsters, and players that come in contact with the edges of the bubble. In essence, it is like playing EverQuest and being able to see and move across zone borders into other zones.

To give an idea of the size of the Regions, each Realm's mainland territory consists of one region, allowing players to adventure inside their home territory and frontier regions without ever zoning (unless they are entering a dungeon or city). The Shrouded Isles and Trials of Atlantis expansions each encompass another region.

Each Realm's territory consists of a "home area" and a "frontier area". The home area is where low to mid level characters will cooperatively group and fight to gain levels. The frontier region consists of tougher high level areas where players go on high level quests and to engage in PvP combat against players from other Realms. You will need to zone to move from the "home area" to the "frontier area".