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Quest Start: Dockmaster
Quest Finish: Dockmaster

Quest Text[]


Click the breathing potion in your journal, then use it. Jump off the end of the dock. Use the "jump" and the "crouch" keys to swim up and down. If you don't know what keys those are, use /keyboard to check. Then return to the Dockmaster.


  • name*! I need some help. I accidentally dropped the supply create off the dock when I was unloading the boat. If the Commander finds out, he'll have me doing cleaning duty for a week. I have this potion that lets you breath under water. Here, you take it. I don't much like the water. It's a wonder they asked me to help down here. Please hurry!

The Dockmaster says, "Would you like another water breathing [potion], *name*? My brother makes them. He's still perfecting the art however. The potions only work here in the waters of the sound."

The Dockmaster says, "There you go!"

Oh, thank you so much, *name*! Here take this, it's not much, but you deserve it.


  • Sound's Cloth Gloves of Grace (optional)
  • Sound's Leather Gloves of Skill (optional)
  • Sound's Studded Gloves of Power (optional)
  • Sound's Chain Gloves of Might (optional)
  • 993 Experience
  • 2 silver 48 copper