Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Quest Start: Master Gethin
Quest Finish: Veteran Guard
Leads To: Trainers and Merchants (Alb)

Quest Text[]

Master Gethin says, "You learn fast, recruit! This is good for us both, because our keep has come under attack by a raiding party from Hibernia, and they're just outside the walls as we speak. Prepare yourself for battle, recruit! You are going to aid in our [defense]!"

Master Gethin says, "Leave this courtyard by way of the doors in the north wall. You'll see before you a tower besieged by invaders from Hibernia. Kill one of the invaders and then report to Commander Berkold, who you will find along the road near the tower, to see if he needs helpo with anything more. Good luck, recruit! Make your realm proud!"

Commander Berkold says, "Thank you for coming so quickly, recruit! Go and aid in the defense of our tower against the Hibernian invaders! Kill one of the invaders, then report back to me!"

Commander Berkold says, "I thank you for your aid in defending the tower, *class*. I wish that I could give you time to rest, but I'm afraid there is an [important mission] that I need to ask of you."

Commander Berkold says, "When the enemy attacked, we dispatched a runner to warn the nearby town. Unfortunately our runner was wounded by the enemy and had to return. Now it is up to you to travel to the village and [warn] the veteran guard of the attack."

Commander Berkold says, "You can find the village by following the road north from this tower. Please hurry. I will hope for your swift and safe arrival. Go now!"


Step Description
Step #1 Ask Master Gethin how you can help in the keep's [defense]. To do so, right-click on Master gethin to target him, press the Enter key to enter chat mode, type the word 'defense', and then press Enter again.
Step #2 The keep has come under attack by the forces of Hibernia! Leave the keep by way of the doors along the courtyard's north wall. Kill one of the Hibernian invaders attacking the tower.
Step #3 Report to Commander Berkold, who is standing along the road just west of the tower. To do so, right-click on him.
Step #4 From Commander Berkold, run north along the road, over the bridge, and into the village of Holtham. Right-click on the Veteran Guard who is standing just off the road at the village entrance.