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The Darkness Rising expansion released October 11, 2005 (US) and February 1, 2006 (EU) introduced Champion Levels and Mounts, it is also known as "DR".

View the Champion Weapons section for more information about the unique weapons introduced with this expansion.

Champion of the Realm[]

Years of constant strife have taken their toll on the Realms, but their biggest threat lies ahead of them still. New foes have emerged to challenge the might of Albion, Midgard and Hibernia. Enter the service of your king and earn the right to be called Champion, for the courage and might of a Champion is all that stands between the forces of evil and total domination.

The Champion's Quest[]

Become the next Lancelot, Cuchilainn or Balder as you undertake an epic quest for your King. Explore new zones, revisit altered lands, and bravely enter the revamped and more deadly dungeon of Darkness Falls to put a stop to the spread of darkness. By performing this service for their Realm, players achieve new levels of advancement, gain the ability to wield class-specific Champion Weapons, and acquire fantastic steeds to ride into battle.

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Champion Levels[]

Characters can continue to advance beyond level 50 with the addition of five new Champion Levels. Champion levels provide additional hit and power points, sub-classing options, access to special equipment, new Champion titles, and increased customization of mounts.


Champion level characters will be able to sub-class to gain additional abilities and learn new skills from other classes. For example, a fighter can learn a mage's spell by sub-classing. This will allow a player to add a previously restricted healing ability, damage spell or weapon style to their character.

Champion Weapons[]

Wield new, class-specific Champion Weapons bestowed upon characters by the king to aid in the quest to rid the land of unspeakable evil. These special weapons increase in power as players progress through their quests. Champion Weapons are available for all Champions of the Realms.


Acquire a faithful mount to travel the Realms and charge into battle. Ride a warhorse, unicorn, nightmare, or undead phantom steed. Advanced mounts are available to Champions of level 45 and above, and can be customized with a unique name, barding, saddlebags, and armor.


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