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The Dragon in flight!

Cuuldurach the Dragon

Cuuldurach, the mighty dragon of Hibernia, has been terrorizing all since the land was infused with dark magic and evil. He flew around, blowing his intoxicating fumes on small villages such as Ardee and Tir Na Mbeo. He sent his Glimmer Knights out to destroy all, until the races united and stood to face the threat head-on. Cuuldurach has since then settled into the Glimmer-infested Sheeroe Hills, plotting to one day take revenge. But recent raids on the dragon have left the dragon weak, to the compelling fact that he has valuable loot in his death. He has had one last raid until finally

The dragon was as mighty in his young days as he is now.

settling down for good, never leaving his home. If a player walks into the engulfing gases, they will take on the form of a Glimmer Knight and start to take damage. The dragon has different minions at his diposal, as when he finds a single person astray, he forces them to be his minion and enchants armor pieces for them to wear when they do his evil bidding. This is called Dragonsworn, for much worth and effective as it is powerful. If a player is skilled enough in Armorcrafting, and to find the parts needed, Dragonsworn can be player-crafted and sold. Though Cuuldurach was always as mighty as ever, he didn't always look the same either. He was green instead of blue in his early days, and had a much different lair. The dragons of the Realms are too strong for a single group to take on alone, so take 4 or more groups if you wish to be victorious. The dragon is around level 90, so heed caution. To conclude this, the dragons are the greatest of the great, the cream of the crop, any of those names. The dragons deserve to be called the Powerarm of Darkness.