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Credit Card Limit

Is there a limit on the number of accounts that can be tied to a single credit card?

Yes, there is a limit.

Customers who wish to have more then five accounts on a single credit card must email their inquiry to support@darkageofcamelot.com , with the names of the accounts they wish to be added to the credit card on file *PLEASE DO NOT SEND US YOUR PASSWORD OR SECRET WORD*.

Without consent of Mythic, which may be withheld in Mythic's sole discretion, no person may use, or authorize or permit another to use, a credit card, or any combination of multiple credit cards, issued to such person, to establish and/or maintain more than five (5) Accounts on the System at a time. Although Mythic Entertainment in no event shall be held responsible for any damage that occurs to your account, your characters or their possessions in the event your passwords are disclosed, nor is mythic liable for any financial or emotional damage or distress you may suffer and/or for subsequent loss or damage to your account, characters, and any and all of their possessions as a result of the disclosure of your passwords to a third party, *this policy is in place for added protection for our customers to minimize unauthorized and fraudulent use of a stolen credit card*. Please note… the review process may take up to two weeks.