Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Any player can learn a tradeskill, useful for crafting many different items.


Tradeskill Description
496s Alchemy

gives players the ability to craft highly effective and useful potions, poisons, dyes, and tinctures.

-Uses: Creating useful potions for all classes, poisons for rogues and dyes for appearance.

498s Armorcrafting

uses the strongest materials available to produce heavier armors, such as chain, plate and scale armors. An Armorcrafter's final product may be magically enhanced through Spellcrafting.

-Uses: Creating armor for Tanks, Light Tanks and Healers.

485s Basic Crafting

gives a mix of all crafts, up to about level 10.'

-Uses: Gives you information on what you can craft in which Tradeskill

489s Fletching

focuses on the creation of bows, staves, and musical instruments. The archer classes (Scout, Hunter, and Ranger) may find this craft the most useful as they can craft bows to use as their ranged weapon of choice.

-Uses: Making instruments for Bards, Minstrels and Skalds(?), and making bows/crossbows for archers and a few tanks.

488s Spellcrafting

gives players the ability to craft magical gems that imbue their armor and weapons with enhancements to various skills and attributes suited to one's character.

-Uses: Magically improving the weapons and armor of any character with a non spellcrafted weapon

492s Tailoring

produces lighter types of armor, such as Cloth and Leather. Tailors use various cloths and leathers to craft armor for casters, rogues, and other light tank classes. Much like Armorcrafting, the products of a Tailor may also be spellcrafted to become many times more powerful.

-Uses: Crafting armor for Spellcasters, Stealthers, and Very Light Tanks (eg. Valewalker)

499s Weaponcrafting

focuses on creating powerful weapons such as swords and spears. The weapons created by Weaponcrafters may also be spellcrafted to become more powerful.

-Uses: Crafting metal weapons for Tanks, Stealther and most Healers.

497s Siegecrafting

was completely revamped and fleshed out into a full tradeskill in version 1.90. Recipes now range from 5 to 1000 skill, covering everything from weak, makeshift devices to fully fortified engines of war. This even includes a few infernal devices discovered by making use of Demon Seal Fragments scattered across Agramon Island.

-Uses: RvR sieges and defense against siege weapons

Secondary Tradeskills[]

Choosing a primary tradeskill no longer locks you out of working on the other tradeskills. As of version 1.89 it is possible to be a Legendary Grandmaster of every tradeskill on a single character.


Tradeskill Albion Hibernia Midgard
Alchemy Alchemy Recipes Albion Alchemy Recipes Hibernia Alchemy Recipes Midgard
Armorcraft Armorcraft Recipes Albion Armorcraft Recipes Hibernia Armorcraft Recipes Midgard
Basic Crafting Basic Crafting Recipes Albion Basic Crafting Recipes Hibernia Basic Crafting Recipes Midgard
Clothworking Clothworking Recipes Albion Clothworking Recipes Hibernia Clothworking Recipes Midgard
Fletching Fletching Recipes Albion Fletching Recipes Hibernia Fletching Recipes Midgard
Gemcutting Gemcutting Recipes Albion Gemcutting Recipes Hibernia Gemcutting Recipes Midgard
Herbcraft Herbcraft Recipes Albion Herbcraft Recipes Hibernia Herbcraft Recipes Midgard
Jewelcraft Jewelcraft Recipes Albion Jewelcraft Recipes Hibernia Jewelcraft Recipes Midgard
Leatherworking Leatherworking Recipes Albion Leatherworking Recipes Hibernia Leatherworking Recipes Midgard
Metalworking Metalworking Recipes Albion Metalworking Recipes Hibernia Metalworking Recipes Midgard
Siegecraft Siegecraft Recipes Albion Siegecraft Recipes Hibernia Siegecraft Recipes Midgard
Spellcraft Spellcrafting Recipes Albion Spellcrafting Recipes Hibernia Spellcrafting Recipes Midgard
Tailoring Tailoring Recipes Albion Tailoring Recipes Hibernia Tailoring Recipes Midgard
Weaponcrafting Weaponcraft Recipes Albion Weaponcraft Recipes Hibernia Weaponcraft Recipes Midgard
Woodworking Woodworking Recipes Albion Woodworking Recipes Hibernia Woodworking Recipes Midgard