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Cotswold is the second town that a new Albion player will encounter, it sits in Camelot Hills near the gates of the City of Camelot.

It is designed for Levels 10-14 and is paired with the Battleground of TODO.


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Name Level NPC
Quest:Welcome to Cotswold 10 Sir Sagramore
Quest:A New Hero's Welcome 10 Arklen
Quest:No Hope For The Hopeful 10 Vuloch
Quest:Going for a Swim 10 Arklen
Quest:Pike Infested Waters 10 Dockmaster of Cotswold
Quest:Albion's Legacy 11 Arklen
Quest:When Good Brownies Go Bad 11 Master Kless
Quest:A Growing Problem 11 Master Kless
Quest:Dredge Up a Pledge 11 Sir Dorian
Quest:Strange Sighting 12 Master Kless
Quest:When Blood Speaks 12 Master Kless

TO FINISH Quest:Star Fall