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The Convoker is a student of the ancient Atlantean artificers. He uses his gifts to conjure both items and creatures to aid him in his battles. He can create items that will aid in sieges by helping his allies or damaging his foes. The creatures can aid him and his allies, with both intelligence and a strong arm for battle.

Available to[]

Convoker Abilities[]

Shared timers are indicated by the same numbers in the Shared Timers column in the table below. If timers are shared, this means that an ability may not be used while the other it shares a timer with is active.

Name Description Target Cast Time Duration Recast Time Radius Shared Timers
Summon Wood A Spell that summons 100 random material boards of wood usable for upgrading and repairing keep doors and walls Self - - 600s - -
Prescience Node Ground targeted ward (1000 radius) that can make enemy stealthers visible, without removing their stealth Realm Enemies 18s 600s 300s 1000 -
Power Trap Rune that drains power from enemies when it detonates (works only on enemies that have a power pool) Realm Enemies 4s 600s - 350 -
Speedwarp Ward that negates the effects of speed boosts for enemies who pass through it. Realm Enemies - 300s - 2000 -
Summon Warcrystal Summon a powerful piece of siege ammunition. Self 13s - 30s - 1
Battlewarder Ground targeted summoned pet which has great power, but neither it nor you can move for the duration. Hits for 200 damage per swing. Must have line of sight to the target. Realm Enemies 1s Until you move or run out of power 120s - 1
Dissonance Trap Rune that does 40% essence damage to the enemy when it detonates. Realm Enemies 20s 1200s 300s 350 -
Brittle Guard Summon a guardian who will intercept incoming melee attacks for you. Only one brittle guard can be summoned at a time. Self - 1200s 300s - -
Summoning Mastery Boosts effective level of pets to determine enemy damage variance for spells and melee. Effects one targeted pet that you control. Realm Pets - 300s 600s 1000 -
Crystal Titan [10] Crystal Titan Ground targeted pet summon that has to grow to full strength before pummeling enemies. Hits for 1200 per swing. Realm Enemies and Pets 20s 300s 1800s - -