Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
Community Window and Custom UI Support

The following templates were added to styles.xml to support the new window -- Custom UI authors should read over these templates, and implement them similarly.

Additions to styles.xml:

Styles for a Tab Control TabsTemplate - generic_tabs ButtonTemplate - button_tab

Styles for a Listbox Header HorizontalResizeImageTemplate - listbox_header HorizontalResizeButtonTemplate - listbox_hrbutton

Styles for a Horizontal Resize Button HorizontalResizeImageTemplate - generic_hr_image_normal HorizontalResizeImageTemplate - generic_hr_image_pressed HorizontalResizeImageTemplate - generic_hr_image_normalhighlight HorizontalResizeImageTemplate - generic_hr_image_disabled HorizontalResizeButtonTemplate - generic_hr_button

Addition to assets.xml:

Texture - page4

This references a new image (ui/isles/page_04.tga)that contains the listbox header icons for all skins as well as the Atlantis Skin tab images. The Shrouded Isles Skin tab images have been added to the existing ui/isles/skin1_pieces4.tga file.

Additional Implementation Notes for Custom UI Authors

- The remainder of the templates are located in the community_window.xml file before the definitions.

- The generic_textarea_sm template used in this window is frequently not defined in Custom User Interfaces. Authors may want to find-and-replace references to that template right off the bat.

- Some Custom UIs already contain a Texture named page4, so that may need renaming as well.