Class Trainers are found scattered across the realms and in capital cities. Their primary purpose is to allow you to train, but they also enable you to respecialize (respec) your character's skills and abilities and they are also the starting point for the Epic Quests.


Whenever you gain a level, a Realm Rank, or a Champion Level, you gain points to spend for increasing your various skills and abilities. The Class Trainers will allow you to train:

  • Class Skill lines
  • Realm Abilities
  • Champion Abilities (a.k.a. sub-classing)


Earned when you reach levels 20 and 40 (for Skill lines only) or granted with the use of special items found in each Realm, the Class Trainer will enable you to reset your previous training and allocate your skill and ability points. The Class Trainers will allow you to respec:

  • a single Skill line
  • all Skill lines
  • Realm Abilities
  • Champion Abilities

Epic QuestsEdit

At certain milestones in your character development, your Class Trainer will present you with Epic Quests. The Class Trainer, when this series of quests is complete, will reward you with a complete set of Epic Armor tailored specifically for your Class.

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