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Name Level Type Realm
'Shadow' 5 NPC Albion
A'nolasa 45 Heretic Trainer Albion
Acey Dalston 40 Fletchers Master Albion
Adelaide Dinsmore 50 Alchemists Master Albion
Albion Borderguard 30 Guard Albion
Albion Captain 50 NPC Albion
Albion Commander 50 NPC Albion
Albion Lieutenant 50 NPC Albion
Albion Runner 30 Guard Albion
Albion Sentinel 50 Guard Albion
Albion Sergeant 50 NPC Albion
Albion Warder 45 Guard Albion
Alchemist Lendand 30 Alchemy Merchant Albion
Allison 5 NPC Albion
Anataeus 35 NPC Albion