Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
Character Copy

How do I copy my character to Pendragon? To do a character copy first log onto the server and character you want copied and equip the items you want to take with you. Only the items you have equipped will copy, not your full inventory. Now log off that character and server.

Next you must make a level one character on Pendragon and log that character in. Use a name you like, because the name is what the copy will be called forever - your "real" name will not copy. Then type the command /charcopy servername (server the character you want to copy is on) and the character's name.

Example: /charcopy Merlin Joe

This is what you would type if your chosen source was named Joe and residing on the Merlin server.

You should see a message 'sending request'.

Once you have seen the message, log off the character and do not play the character. It must be a level one for the charcopy to work and must be offline. You may play any other character on any server including Pendragon. It can take up to a week for the copy to work.

We reset the copier once each time we patch to the live server. We do not reset it when we patch Pendragon.