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Catacombs of Cardova map
Realm: Albion
Expansion: Classic


A dank dangerous crypt of clearly Roman design. Although there is no record of an emperor dying or being buried in Cornwall, the few expeditions that have returned indicate that the roman legion laid an emperor to rest there. Locals refuse to return to the area, claiming it to be haunted by ancient ghosts. Adventurers should be wary as the past often doesn't stay buried for long.


For many years, an unnamed crypt stood alone within a circle of standing stones in the middle of the Cornwall countryside. No one knew who was buried there or how long it had been there. Not much thought was given to this place until recently when a young shepherd chasing his flock found and entrance to something much larger than just the small crypt that it appeared to be on the surface. When the shepherd did not return, the locals searched for him. They found his staff near the entrance of the crypt and his flock wandering about but saw no sign of the boy. They descended into the crypt opening and found themselves within an ancient hallway of smooth stone and tiles and pillars that were clearly Roman in design.

According to their known history, the Romans had not reached this far into Cornwall so this catacomb was a complete mystery to them. Further expeditions into the catacombs revealed that this legion was in company of an emperor, an emperor that no one could name. There was no record of a n emperor dying or being buried in Cornwall. One expedition returned with only half their number. The leader of the team claimed that something awoke, something not living and very angry. He said that before he knew it, half of his team was dead and the rest fleeing in terror.

Since then, the locals refuse to return to the area, claiming that it is haunted by ancient ghosts.

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