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Can I use software like Roger Wilco in DAoC?

We realize that we have a vague area in our policy concerning use of third party software and I wanted to come out, discuss and clarify this issue. There is some concern being voiced about the use of communication methods external to DAoC.

These can be anything from Roger Wilco, to IRC, to the telephone. We currently do not have a written policy that addresses this directly, and the last thing we want to do is write policy that is not in the best interest of the majority of the population of Camelot, or write policy that is un-enforceable.

The conundrum that we have is that we also do not want certain people to have an unfair advantage over other people who play the game. External communication devices can give this type of advantage.

Here is what we have decided:

  1. We will not write any policy specifically against using external communication devices.
  2. As long as no other policy is broken (such as cross-teaming, spying, DAoC client hacking, etc…), then the use of external communication devices is acceptable.
  3. We discourage the use of these types of devices, as we do feel that they give an advantage when used in RvR against people who are not using these types of devices. We feel that this violates the spirit of the game.
  4. We will not support, in any way, the use of these types of devices. Please do not contact a CSR, or call technical support if you are having any problems.

So there you go. We realize that this is not the perfect answer, but we also realize that there is no perfect answer. We are just trying our best to be fair and realistic about these types of issues.