Type: Caster
Profession: Guild of Shadows
Half Ogre
Class Stats
Primary: N/A
Secondary: N/A
Tertiary: N/A

Class Description

Cabalists are mages that have joined the Guild of Shadows. The order has taught them many powerful and destructive methods of using magic against their enemies. Cabalists can summon various pets to do their bidding, as well as painful acids which do damage over time. They can drain life from their foes while sacrificing their own life to heal others. They can blind and disease enemies, and use a variety of other debuff spells. One never knows quite which tool the Cabalist is going to choose.




Auto Train

Specialization Options

  • Points per Level: - 1.0

Class Spells




Realm Abilities

Symbol vote yes2.png Useful Realm Abilities

Neutral.png Neutral Realm Abilities

Symbol vote no2.png Useless Realm Abilities

Realm Rank 5 Ability

Master Level Paths

Useful Artifacts

Alvarus' Leggings Arms of the Winds Band of Stars Belt of the Moon Bracelet of Zo'arkat Ceremonial Bracers Cloudsong Crocodile's Tooth Crocodile Tear Ring Crown of Zahur (Caster) Dream Sphere Eerie Darkness Lightingstone Erinys Charm Eternal Plant Flamedancer's Boots Flask Foppish Sleeves Gem of Lost Memories Guard of Valor Jacina's Sash Maddening Scalars Nailah's Robes (Vest in Midgard) Night's Shroud Bracelet Orion's Belt Ring of Dances Ring of Fire Ring of Unyielding Will Scorpion's Tail Snatcher Staff of the Gods Stone of Atlantis Tablet of Atlantis Tartaros Gift Traldor's Oracle

Partial Use

Belt of Oglidarsh Egg of Youth Harpy Feather Cloak Kalare's Necklace Phoebus' Harp

Other Useful Items


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