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The Silver Horn is beautiful. It's made of the strangest and most wonderful medals. We have ten guards around it, for rumors of the Dancing Thief having his or her eyes on the Silver Horn have made the arbiters nervous. Though I secretly wonder if Arbiter Achaius has put the guards there for fear I shall play some other prank. Not likely, after what he did to me after I found it a good idea to put each of the ten bracers on the ten statues out in the Planes.
Arbiter Achaius has seen me coveting, as he called it, the Silver Horn, and now I am to research it. I do not enjoy research. Perhaps that is why he is so quick to assign me to that task. The Silver Horn is just a ceremonial piece. I see no real reason why I should research such a trivial thing. Yes it is beautiful, but it's only real curiosity is the materials used in making it, and the magic they say was used was an ancient primitive magic not known to any of us today. I am not sure I believe that. How could there be a magic, no matter how primitive or base, that our scholars can't unravel? It is probably some primitive tribal magic tied in to some ancient god that no longer even exists except as a distant memory in some old forgotten ritual.
Well they blew on the Silver Horn this morning. All of the ten kingdoms would have heard it. Arbiter Achaius is furious. The horn wasn't supposed to be used! Today was a rehearsal of the ceremony and it is going to be a hard task to explain that all is well and there is no reason for alarm! If the horn is blown when there is no ceremony or event being heralded, it's an indication that something is gone wrong, and a call for aid to the Planes. I see the ships from the Atlantean fleet approaching now! Ah what a mess today will be!

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