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I have come to the Planes to learn about the Belts of the Sun and of the Moon. They are a curiosity, for they are made in Atlantis, of Atlantean metals and imbued with Atlantean magic, but there are other aspects of these items which are very disturbing.
It would seem the belts are items particular to some strange religion. I have been tasked with determining more about this religion, its gods and goddesses, priests and priestesses, and if it is at all harmful to Atlantis' ordered and progressive nature. I am currently trying to get the Belt of the Moon, but am unsure how to proceed.
The creatures of the Planes are little help to me. They refuse to help me determine the source of this new religion, or even its basic tenets. I am not sure about this new religion or this item I will have to go to the island and see for myself what this strange item is, and what it does.

Scrolls List[]

Belt of Moon 1 of 3
Belt of Moon 2 of 3
Belt of Moon 3 of 3

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