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A battlegroup ("BG") consists of several groups that join forces to fight together, often to do raid or other monster encounters that require more than 8 players. Each group continues to exist as a unit, but all groups are recognized as a team in terms of encounter mechanics and credit.

Battlegroups have special commands that allow certain settings and moderation features, including different settings for loot distribution. Battlegroups can be public or made private so that it requires a password to join them.


To create a battlegroup, type /battlegroup invite [playername]. This will create the battlegroup with you as leader. The same command allows the battlegroup leader to invite additional players. Newly created battlegroups are always public unless a password is set by typing /battleground password [new password]. This command can also be used to create a new password.


To join a public battlegroup, type /battleground join [moderator- or leadername]. To join a private battlegroup, type /battleground join [moderator- or leadernname] [password].


If you wish to leave the battlegroup, type /battlegroup leave. Battlegroup leaders or moderators can remove battlegroup members by typing /battlegroup remove [playername].

Loot Rules[]

Battlegroups allow setting a designated treasurer. All loot matching the set parameters will automatically go to this treasurer. The distribution of loot obtained while using a designated treasurer is under the sole discretion of the treasurer; keep this in mind when joining a battlegroup that has a treasurer set, as any disputes about loot need to be resolved by the players themselves.

To toggle the treasurer feature, use the command /battlegroup loot treasurer | normal.

To set the loot level, use the command /battlegroup lootlevel [level].

To designate a battlegroup member as the treasurer, use the command /battlegroup treasurer

[battlegroup member name].

Granting Master Level Credit == It is possible to grant credit for Master Level steps to members of the battlegroup that did not obtain credit when doing the respective encounter within 10 minutes after completing it by having thebattlegroup leader using the command /bg grantcredit [MasterLevel] [PlayerName]. There are certain restrictions that apply to this feature.

Other Commands[]

There are several other options and settings for battlegroups as follows:

/battlegroup groupclass Shows the class makeup of each of the groups in the battlegroup
/battlegroup groups Will display a group focused version of the /battlegroup who command. It will identify who is grouped within the battlegroup, who is grouped with people outside the group, and who is solo.
/battlegroup listen Puts the battlegroup on listen mode; only the moderator and leaders can speak
/battlegroup password clear Clears the current battlegroup password
/battlegroup password Display the current password for the battlegroup (moderator only)
/battlegroup status Displays the current member count of the battlegroup
/battlegroup who Lists all members of the battlegroup

Note: You can abbreviate the "battleground" part in these commands by using "bg" instead.