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What are the level and realm rank limits on the battlegrounds?

The battleground level limits are as follows:

  • The Proving Grounds (Level 1-4)
  • The Lion's Den (Level 5-9)
  • The Hill's of Claret (Level 10-14)
  • Killaloe (Level 15-19)
  • Thidranki (Level 20-24)
  • Braemar (Level 25-29)
  • Wilton (Level 30-34)
  • Molvik (Level 35-39)
  • Leirvik (Level 40-44)
  • Cathal Valley (Level 45-49)

As of Patch 1.109b Bounty Points may now be earned in the Battlegrounds. Players in Killaloe, Thidranki, Braemar, Wilton, Molvik, Leirvik, and Cathal Valley will now receive RP’s and BP’s at a rate consistent with the level of their Battleground. The Proving Grounds, The Lions Den and The Hills of Claret have not been changed in this way, as players below level 15 are unable to receive Realm Points.

You will be able to earn realm points in battlegrounds for levels 15 through 44. There is a limit to the number of realm points you can earn in each battleground. After you reach this limit, killing any other enemy players will not grant any more realm points (although you will still be able to participate in the battleground war until you exceed the level cap).

The realm point limits for the battlegrounds are as follows:

  • Realm Rank 1 Level 3 - Killaloe
  • Realm Rank 1 Level 4 - Thidranki
  • Realm Rank 1 Level 6 - Braemar
  • Realm Rank 2 Level 0 - Wilton
  • Realm Rank 2 Level 5 - Molvik
  • Realm Rank 3 Level 0 - Leirvik

In the particular cases of Leirvik, and Cathal Valley you will find there is an additional cap of Master Level 3, and Master Level 5 respectively.

Points to note about Experience level and Realm Ranks in the Battlegrounds:

  • If Realm Rank is capped in the Battleground, a player will not be removed forcibly if they die and release or not get resurrected. They will be ported back to the portal keep of their realm within the Battleground.
  • If Realm Rank is capped in the Battleground, and a player willingly ports out of the Battleground, you will not be able to return to the same Battleground.
  • If a Player's Experience level exceeds the Battleground cap, they will be removed from the Battleground if they are not resurrected from death.