Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Quest Start: Master Gethin
Quest Finish: Master Gethin
Leads To: Defending the Tower (Alb)

Quest Text[]

Master Gethin says, "Welcome, recruit! I am Master Gethin, and I will be your training instructor. We're at war with fiends and foes of all kinds, so that's about as much small talk as you'll get out of me. Let's get on with your training, then! Are you [ready to learn]?"

You have been given the Basics of Combat quest.

Master Gethin says, "Good! First, I'll teach you how to size up an enemy. Along the wall behind me, you'll see a row of practice dummies. Run up to the leftmost practice dummy, the flimsy practice dummy, and click on it now."

Master Gethin says, "Now that you've had a look at the practice dummies, it's time to try out your skills against a live opponent. Nearby are some sparring guards. Attack one of them now to begin a sparring match."

Master Gethin says, "Begin a match with one of the nearby sparring guards, recruit! To do so just attack one of the guards in whatever manner you see fit!"


Step Description
Step #1 Along the courtyard wall behind Master Gethin there is a row of practice dummies. The leftmost of these is called a 'flimsy dummy'. Left-click on the flimsy dummy to target it.
Step #2 Attack the flimsy practice dummy. You must be standing near to it and have it targeted. To begin your attack, press the attack key. By default, this is your number 1 key.
Step #3 To the right of the flimsy dummy is a weak dummy. Right-click on the weak dummy now.
Step #4 Right-click on the other practice dummies to learn more about the various colored names, and what they tell you about the difficulty levels of your opponent. When you're done, right-click on Master Gethin.
Step #5 It's time to test your fighting ability against a live opponent. There are some sparring guards standing near Master Gethin in the courtyard. When you're ready for a sparring match, simply initiate an attack against a sparring guard.
Step #5 When you finish fighting the sparring guard, speak to Master Gethin.
Step #6 When you finish fighting the sparring guard, speak to Master Gethin.