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Long ago there was a reluctant gladiator of mediocre skill who wished to live and fight in the arena, knowing he wasn't the strongest, and his life in the arena would be fairly short and unremarkable; Jelord appealed to a minor god of another people for aid. He approched Ahulane, a god of war, and was given a sword forged by a gladiator; All he needed to do was cry Ahulane's name when he was victorious.

Ahulane gave jelord a sword superior to any other weapon a gladiator could wield. One that was even greater than those crafted by the elite of the Atlantean smiths. He cautioned Jelord on it's limitations; While the sword was superior and would grant Jelord a measure of skill, a gladiator of greater skill and hear t could still defeat him. Jelord accepted the bargain, but was not disturbed. There were many gladiators of great skill and heart, and while the sword would lengthen his life in the arena, he would still die a bloody death.

Jelord went to Nergal, a god of the dead for a primitve people not far from his home. He told Nergal he had a sword of gladiators forged by a god of war, but he wanted more. He appealed to Nergal and they made a bargain. Nergal took the sword from Jelord and placed the essence of the spirits of the greatest warriors in Nergal's realm into the sword. In return, Nergal would gain the souls of those struck down by Jelord's blade. Jelord, now satisfied that he would have a long life in the arena, took the sword and with every victory, called Ahulane's name and claimed his victims for Nergal.

The essence of the warriors trapped in Jelord's sword, having tasted battle, craved it, and with each victory grew stronger. The swords's essence had exerted its influence over Jelord. He became a mercenary, and fought many battles in many wars in many lands. While he lived, he could not be defeated, but while he lived, he craved only for the blood of those falling to his sword. Nergal was pleased, Ahulane was not. Ahulane watched Jelord closely, waiting for the day Jelord would break his bargain, and forget to call his name in victory.

Jelord one day went to the planes. There was a period of calm in the world, and he needed battle. Sometime in the third trial, facing some minor creature, Jelord neglected to call Ahulane's name. Ahulane sent a message to his followers, calling for the sword he forged and Jelord's heart. The sword's magic would not work agaisnt Ahulane's chosen, and he himself would join the battle. With their god's bidding, they set out for the planes. The met in Volcanus. Jelord fought well, until he met Ahulane in battle. He fell to Ahulane, but tossed the sword in the lava of Volcanus; it is still in Volcanus, still craving battle, but woe to the one that wields it.

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Bane of Battler 1 of 3
Bane of Battler 2 of 3
Bane of Battler 3 of 3

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