You see three images. The fisrt is of a smith forging a bracer of gold. On a table next to him lie nine other bracers, each made of gold that have been enaled a deep midnight blue, with gold stars shining through the blue. What appears to be a magic aura surrounds each bracelet. Carved under the image are the words 'Forging the Bands'. The second image is of a smith handing a deep purple pillow that holds 10 midnight blue and gold bracers. Under this image are the words 'Recieving the Bands'. The third image shows the King trying on one of the bracers and smiling at the smith. A magical aura surrounds both the King and the bracer. Under this image is carved 'King Cadmus Approves.
You see three images. The first image shows a well-dressed man taking the bracers from the King and placing them into a box. Carved under this image are the words, 'Deodatus Prepares the Bands'. The second image is the man standing in the Hall of Heroes, an empty box at his feet. He is surrounded by trial participants, ten of them wearing a midnight blue and gold bracer. The words carved under the image read 'Choosing the Worthy'. The third image is of the ten from the first image, kneeling before a King in the Hall of Heroes. Each looks tired buy happy. The bracers are now in the box at the feet of the well-dressed man. The King is smiling at the ten. Carved under the image are the words 'King Cadmus Congratulates the Triumphant!
You see three images rather poorly painted images, as if they were done in a hurry. The first shows buildings in flames and people running in a panic. In a window above the chaos, a man and a King stand over an open box containing midnight blue and gold bracers. The King is pointing towards the Hall of Heroes in the distance. The second image shows the man leaving the Hall of Heroes with the box full of bracers except for one upon the wrist of a lone warrior. The third image shows the man looking into a great mirror attached to a crumbling wall. In the mirror is the warrior from the Hall, though now he is crossing a desert. The bracer is now seen sticking out of his pack. In the distance, a group of winged cobras await.

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King's Vase 1 of 3
King's Vase 2 of 3
King's Vase 3 of 3

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