Highlander Armsman
Type: Melee
Profession: Defenders of Albion
Half Ogre
Class Stats
Primary: Strength
Secondary: Constitution
Tertiary: Dexterity

The Armsman is a member of the Defenders of Albion. They are heavily armed fighters, can use almost all melee weapons and wear the heaviest plate armor. They are distinguished by high defensive and offensive qualities. The Armsman has the highest hit points in Albion and absorbs much of the melee damage due to their armor. If they have a shield and specialize in it, they can build a nearly impenetrable defensive wall. On the other hand, if they specialize in pole arms or two-handed weapons, they do incredible damage to their enemies.


Starting Race Attributes

Available Races







Quick Intel Pie Emp Cha
Avalonian 45 45 60 70 80 60 60 60
Briton 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60
Half Ogre 90 70 40 40 60 60 60 60
Highlander 70 70 50 50 60 60 60 60
Inconnu 50 60 70 50 70 60 60 60
Minotaur 80 70 50 40 60 60 60 60
Saracen 50 50 80 60 60 60 60 60


The following attributes increase with each, every second or every third level up:

  • Primary Attribute: Strength (45 points at level 50)
  • Secondary Attribute: Constitution (23 points at level 50)
  • Tertiary Attribute: Dexterity (15 points at level 50)

Distribution of starting points

If you create a character you can distribute 30 points amongst your attributes. The following distributions are often used:

Option 1:
10 Strength
10 Constitution
10 Dexterity
This option the Quickness is not increased because you can maximize it with a Template.

Option 2:
10 Strength
10 Constitution
10 Quickness
For an Armsman who wants to use a Polearm or Two-handed weapon, this distribution is recommended because of the high Quickness.


Auto Train

The Armsman gets Auto Train in the following specializations:

This means that if he specializes in one of these skills, he will have an additional 77 points to invest into other specializations.

Specialization Options

Defensive (Sword/Shield)

This specialization is ideal for a second block tank in PVM. Both weapon and Shield hit reliably and cause average damage. Thanks to the high defense skill, the Armsman gets hit less often, and can protect another member of the group. With this specialization an RVR should choose the Battlemaster line from the master abilities to gain access to Bodyguard.

Very Defensive

Hybrid (Shield, Polearm/Two-Handed)

The Armsman can act defensive in emergency situations. He has his high shield skill mainly for the stun. The 39 points in weapon are there for the basic damage (Slash,Thrust or Crush) while the 50 points in Two-Handed or Polearm determine the maximum damage. Therefore you will only see this Armsman armed with a Shield if he wants to stun someone. Right after the stun, he will switch to the Two-Handed weapon or the Polearm to do the real damage. This specialization is for both PVP and PVE. As master level it is recommended to choose Warlord because he can support an Assist Train. It can also make sense to choose Battlemaster for Bodyguard because the Snarestyles both for Two-Handed weapons and Polearms can take a tank completely out of the equation.




Realm Abilities

Symbol vote yes2 Useful Realm Abilities

  • Augmented Strength
  • Augmented Dexterity
  • Mastery of Parrying
  • Mastery of Blocking
  • Mastery of Pain
  • Toughness

Neutral Neutral Realm Abilities

  • Augmented Constitution
  • Augmented Quickness
  • Avoidance of Magic
  • Dashing Defense
  • Ignore Pain
  • Purge
  • Second Wind
  • Soldier's Barricade

Symbol vote no2 Useless Realm Abilities

  • Lifter
  • Veil Recovery

Realm Rank 5 Ability

Name Soldier's Citdel
Reuse 15 minutes
Effect Grants a 50% bonus to parry and block rates to the armsman for 30 seconds, but -10% block/parry rate for 15 seconds after.

Master Level Paths

Armsmen can choose between the following Master Level Paths:

  • In this path, the Armsman learns some useful combat styles, as well as Bodyguard and Grapple.


  • In this path, the Armsman learns some useful battle crys which strengthen his group or weaken his enemies.

Useful Artifacts


Other Useful Items


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