Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
Appeal FAQ

Below are the more commonly asked questions regarding in-game functions and policies. Please note, policies and procedures are subject to change and will be reflected in a patch note which will be posted on the Camelot Herald for your viewing.

Appeal Communications

We have made some changes over the last few weeks in an effort to improve our communications on the status of appeals.

  • Once you send in an appeal, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we have received the appeal.
  • You will also receive an email when we escalate and, for certain types of appeals, when we close your appeal.

This of course is all provided that the email address you entered when registering is valid.


What are the respecs my character has available to them upon creation?

  1. At levels 20 and 40 your character receives a free single line respec. This respec must be used exactly at that level, as soon as you hit levels 21 or 41 the respec is gone. To use this respec, visit your trainer and type "/respec skill" where 'skill' is the name of the single skill line you want to reset to its base value (please note if this is a skill your character autotrains in you will retain the levels autotrained in this skill, it will not reset to 1.)
  2. You are given two realm skill respecs, one at level 20 and one at level 40. These can be used at any time after you get them, but you only get two. Each will clear your realm skills and refund the points to you. To use these, please visit your trainer and type "/respec realm" to clear your skills.

Are there other ways to get respecs beyond what is given?

Yes, there are several ways to get 'respec stones' in the game if you need to customize your character further.

  1. The four Summoners in the Summoner's Hall dungeon have a chance to drop a Luminescent Abrogo (realm skill respec) Stone. These stones can be turned in to the following NPC's:
    1. Albion: Paiton Hazlett - Camelot
    2. Midgard: Haili - Jordheim
    3. Hibernia: Bretta - Tir na Nog
  2. Monsters in Caer Sidi, Tuscaran Glacier and Galladoria have a chance at dropping a single line respec stone. Note that non boss monsters have a significantly different drop rate than named boss monsters. These stones can be turned in to the following NPC's:
    1. Albion: Mae Oswy - Humberton Castle
    2. Midgard: Hjortr - Vasudheim
    3. Hibernia: Ita - Mag Mell
  3. The dragons in each realm's mainland. On their death, Golestandt, Gjalpinulva, and Cuuldurach will drop Exerpise (full skill respec) and Exeregum (realm skill respec) Luminescent Stones. These stones can then be taken to the following NPC's:
    1. Albion (in Camelot):
      1. Ellette Redding - Luminescent Exerpise Stone (full skill)
      2. Paiton Hazlett - Luminescent Exeregum Stone (realm skill)
    2. Midgard (in Jordheim)
      1. Tordis - Luminescent Exerpise Stone (full skill)
      2. Haili - Luminescent Exeregum Stone (realm skill)
    3. Hibernia (in Tir na Nog)
      1. Dywana - Luminescent Exerpise Stone (full skill)
      2. Bretta - Luminescent Exeregum Stone (realm skill)
  4. If you have one of the 'old' trade skills (armorcrafting, weaponcrafting, tailoring, fletching) you can talk to a specific NPC to have that trade skill wiped so you can take up Alchemy or Spellcrafting (if your character is qualified to do so). Please note that you cannot go back to your old trade skill (or change it again at all) as it is wiped completely from your character's data. These NPC's are:
    1. Albion: Edie Wharton - Camelot
    2. Midgard: Gudmund - Jordheim
    3. Hibernia: Fabrice - Tir Na Nog


I forgot to pay rent and my house has been repossessed, can I get it back?

Unfortunately, once a house has been reclaimed by the system it is impossible to get it back. For this reason, it is extremely important that you always have enough money in the house to cover rent.

Please note: from the moment you buy your lot you will have 7 days from this point to pay your rent. The rent timer starts with the purchase of the lot, not the house.

Also note: if you trade or sell your house to another player, the rent due date will stay the same. The rent is not due 7 days from when the house is traded or sold, but is still due on the same date it was when the lot was first purchased.

What do I need to be aware of before upgrading or downgrading my house?

Before you upgrade or downgrade your house, you must remove all items (both inside and outside), including items from hookpoints. Any items not removed will be lost during the upgrade/downgrade. Items inside of your vaults and on your consignment merchant do not need to be removed, they will be there afterwards.

When you upgrade your house, Rent is still due at the same time as it was before you upgraded, although the amount has increased with the upgrade. Once you upgrade your house, you should immediately check your lockbox to determine if you have enough money to pay this new higher amount.

If you downgrade your house, you will not receive a deed back from the upgraded house.

If you trade or sell your house, you must clean it out completely and pick up all items inside of your vaults, as well as your vaults, and take all items off of your consignment merchant, as well as picking up your consignment merchant.


I have a name I feel violates the naming policy, can I get it changed?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to get the name changed on your own. The only way your name is changed is when several realm-mates appeal your name as a violation. Do not worry, if you are found to be in violation you will be e-mailed and asked for recommendations to have your name changed to. Only if your name is highly offensive is it changed on the spot without prior notification. Please note, you will only have 24 hours to respond to a naming e-mail before we automatically change a name found in violation. Also, names are ONLY changed when appealed by other players and found in violation of our naming policy, you cannot get your name changed for other reasons (such as not liking it anymore).


Help! My account was suspended! I don't know why, or how to get it reactivated!

Any time we manually change the status on your account, we will e-mail the address on the account as to the reason for the change. Please be sure to keep your e-mail address up to date (you can do so by logging into your account and clicking "Edit Account" at the Server Selection screen) so you are aware of any such e-mails. Also note sometimes appeals are answered via e-mail, again to the address on the account. To respond to any Suspension issues, please be sure to write to dispute@darkageofcamelot.com for assistance, once the matter has been taken to e-mail, In Game Support will no longer be able to assist you via the Appeal system.