Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
Hey! You closed out my appeal and never talked to me! Why?

Certain appeals will not be answered by In Game Support, and will be resolved without talking to the player. Now before an angry mob decides to hunt me down, let me give a few examples of what we do not answer:

How do I swing my sword? Where is my trainer?

You all are a bunch of <Insert vulgarity here> and if you don’t answer me right now I will come out and kick your <Insert vulgarity here>.

When the heck are you going to fix <Insert class/spell/ability here>.

Asdfrd (Random characters in appeal, no explanation)

Hey! You changed my name! What the heck was wrong with Pimpdaddy

SmackdaHo? (Yes folks, I really have seen appeals asking why we changed a name like this). I should also mention that if an appeal is vulgar and abusive, we might put a warning on the account or possibly suspend the account. This is based on severity.

In-game Customer Service does not respond to class or realm balance complaints, artifact and mob spawn complaints, or, in general, any other form of complaints. If you want to make your position known, or request a change, you can submit feedback about any aspect of the game (including Customer Service) at: http://www.camelotherald.com/feedback.php

Your appeal may also have been closed if a large number of people appealed a single issue. In these cases, the CSR will attempt to contact the raid/group leader, and will resolve any other appeals from those involved.

Note that it is also possible that your appeal was responded to via email while you were offline. Before assuming your appeal was resolved without contact, please check your email. If your email address is not up to date, or you're not sure it's up to date, you can update it by logging in to the server select screen, and selecting the "update account" option.