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Dearest Everilda, my betrothed, I seek your council again. I know I can trust you to keep my problem a secret. I am constantly feeling the pressure to prove myself in the trials. I know even your father has been questioning why I do not join my friends as they participate. And I would, but know I would fail in their eyes, my beloved, for my skills as a swimmer are not up to their standards. I have found a spell that would aid me in my swimming, but the other Atlantean champions would sense the magic and laugh at me for being weak. I beleive that if we put our heads together, my beloved, that we can come up with a solution to my problem. Will you help me, dearest?
My Dearest Everilda, I knew I would do well to asking for your help. As you advised, I gathered some kelp leaves. The nereids were intrigued and ended up helping me find the best leaves. I prepared the leaves as you instructed and then carefully sewed them together into a pair of leggings using the enchanted thread you sent me. It was so clever of you to think of using my swimmming spell on the thread! I wore them around my friends to see if they could sense the magic we wove into them. Beloved Everilda, they did not! I shall be joining them in the trials on the morrow. Until I see you again I shall remain.
Darling Everilda, I am pleased to share my good news with you. I have completed not only the first trial but all of them! As I completed the trial in Oceanus, the nereids who helped me cheered at my success. I beleive I have made some friends among them! My friends and I spent the night celebrating in my sucess but it was not the same without you here with me. I plan to participate in the trials again soon. Will you come watch my beloved? With your eyes upon me and these magical leggings, I know I cannot fail!

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Alvarus' Letters, Scroll 1 of 3
Alvarus' Letters, Scroll 2 of 3
Alvarus' Letters, Scroll 3 of 3

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