Cloth Dyes Edit

168s.png light brown401050
168s.png light yellow481050
168s.png light orange567050
168s.png light green6415050
168s.png light blue7223050
168s.png light red8031050
168s.png brown1281000280
168s.png yellow1361000280
168s.png orange20820001375
168s.png dark brown21620001375
168s.png royal yellow22420001375
168s.png royal orange23220001375
168s.png green24020001375
168s.png blue24820001375
168s.png red25620701375
168s.png light teal26421501375
168s.png royal green42440006875
168s.png teal43240006875
168s.png light turquoise44040006875
168s.png light purple44840006875
168s.png dark gray45640706875
168s.png forest green729700033000
168s.png royal teal729700033000
168s.png turquoise729700033000
168s.png purple729700033000
168s.png charcoal729700033000
168s.png rust729700033000
168s.png royal blue8348000165000
168s.png royal red8348000165000
168s.png dark teal8348000165000
168s.png royal turquoise8348000165000
168s.png royal purple8348000165000
168s.png black8348000165000
168s.png dark blue8348000165000
168s.png crimson8348000165000
168s.png dark purple8348000165000
168s.png violet8348000165000
168s.png mauve8348000165000

Unique Cloth Dyes Edit

168s.png bright red8558060192499
168s.png plum8558060192499
168s.png deep violet8558060192499
168s.png dark violet8558060192499
168s.png dusky violet8558060192499
168s.png light gold8558060192492
168s.png dark gold8558060192500
168s.png dusky orange8558060192500
168s.png tan8558060192500
168s.png earthen brown8558060192492
168s.png pale green8558060192500
168s.png olive green8558060192499
168s.png pale blue8558060192499
168s.png light gray8558060192499
168s.png bright rose8558060192499
168s.png dusky rose8558060192490
168s.png sage green8558060192490
168s.png lime green8558060192494
168s.png gray teal8558060192499
168s.png gray blue8558060192499
168s.png olive gray8558060192490

Leather Dyes Edit

168s.png light brown411050
168s.png light yellow491050
168s.png light orange578050
168s.png light green6516050
168s.png light blue7324050
168s.png light red8132050
168s.png brown1291000280
168s.png yellow1371000280
168s.png orange20920001375
168s.png dark brown21720001375
168s.png royal yellow22520001375
168s.png royal orange23320001375
168s.png green24120001375
168s.png blue24920001375
168s.png red25720801375
168s.png light teal26521601375
168s.png royal green42540006875
168s.png teal43340006875
168s.png light turquoise44140006875
168s.png light purple44940006875
168s.png dark gray45740806875
168s.png forest green730700033000
168s.png royal teal730700033000
168s.png turquoise730700033000
168s.png purple730700033000
168s.png charcoal730700033000
168s.png rust730700033000
168s.png royal blue8358000165000
168s.png royal red8358000165000
168s.png dark teal8358000165000
168s.png royal turquoise8358000165000
168s.png royal purple8358000165000
168s.png black8358000165000
168s.png dark blue8358000165000
168s.png crimson8358000165000
168s.png dark purple8358000165000
168s.png violet8358000165000
168s.png mauve8358000165000

Unique Leather Dyes Edit

168s.png bright red8558060192499
168s.png plum8558060192499
168s.png deep violet8558060192499
168s.png dark violet8558060192499
168s.png dusky violet8558060192499
168s.png light gold8558060192492
168s.png dark gold8558060192500
168s.png dusky orange8558060192500
168s.png tan8558060192500
168s.png earthen brown8558060192492
168s.png pale green8558060192500
168s.png olive green8558060192499
168s.png pale blue8558060192499
168s.png light gray8558060192499
168s.png bright rose8558060192499
168s.png dusky rose8558060192490
168s.png sage green8558060192490
168s.png lime green8558060192494
168s.png gray teal8558060192499
168s.png gray blue8558060192499
168s.png olive gray8558060192490

Enamels Edit

168s.png light brown421050
168s.png light yellow501050
168s.png light orange589050
168s.png light green6617050
168s.png light blue7425050
168s.png light red8233050
168s.png brown1301000280
168s.png yellow1381000280
168s.png orange21020001375
168s.png dark brown21820001375
168s.png royal yellow22620001375
168s.png royal orange23420001375
168s.png green24220001375
168s.png blue25020101375
168s.png red25820901375
168s.png light teal26621701375
168s.png royal green42640006875
168s.png teal43440006875
168s.png light turquoise44240006875
168s.png light purple45040106875
168s.png dark gray45840906875
168s.png forest green731700033000
168s.png royal teal731700033000
168s.png turquoise731700033000
168s.png purple731700033000
168s.png charcoal731700033000
168s.png rust731700033000
168s.png royal blue8368000165000
168s.png royal red8368000165000
168s.png dark teal8368000165000
168s.png royal turquoise8368000165000
168s.png royal purple8368000165000
168s.png black8368000165000
168s.png dark blue8368000165000
168s.png crimson8368000165000
168s.png dark purple8368000165000
168s.png violet8368000165000
168s.png mauve8368000165000

Unique Enamels Edit

168s.png bright red8558060192499
168s.png plum8558060192499
168s.png deep violet8558060192499
168s.png dark violet8558060192499
168s.png dusky violet8558060192499
168s.png light gold8558060192492
168s.png dark gold8558060192500
168s.png dusky orange8558060192500
168s.png tan8558060192500
168s.png earthen brown8558060192492
168s.png pale green8558060192500
168s.png olive green8558060192499
168s.png pale blue8558060192499
168s.png light gray8558060192499
168s.png bright rose8558060192499
168s.png dusky rose8558060192490
168s.png sage green8558060192490
168s.png lime green8558060192494
168s.png gray teal8558060192499
168s.png gray blue8558060192499
168s.png olive gray8558060192490

Crafted Weapon Lusters Edit

168s.png bright rose1012100001004160
168s.png dusky rose1012100001001684
168s.png red101210000999036
168s.png crimson101210000999036
168s.png burgundy1012100001004160
168s.png plum101210000999036
168s.png deep violet1012100001004160
168s.png dark violet101210000999036
168s.png dusky violet1012100001004160
168s.png purple1012100001001684
168s.png light gold1012100001000590
168s.png gold1012100001000230
168s.png dark gold101210000999995
168s.png orange1012100001000590
168s.png dusky orange1012100001000590
168s.png tan1012100001000590
168s.png earthen brown101210000999995
168s.png pale green1012100001000590
168s.png olive green101210000999036
168s.png olive gray1012100001001684
168s.png sage green1012100001001684
168s.png lime green1012100001001421
168s.png forest green1012100001001684
168s.png pale blue1012100001004160
168s.png blue101210000999036
168s.png navy blue1012100001004160
168s.png royal teal1012100001001684
168s.png gray teal101210000999036
168s.png gray blue1012100001004160
168s.png charcoal101210000999036

Dye Removal Agents Edit

168s.png cloth bleach1081000185
168s.png mild acid wash1081000185
168s.png mild acid enamel remover1081000185
168s.png crafted weapon luster remover730700038657

Poisons Edit

2256s.png minor lethal poison01111
2259s.png minor weakening poison81217
2259s.png minor hindering poison81217
2258s.png minor imbalancing poison161322
2257s.png minor infectious serum241430
2256s.png lesser lethal poison321539
2259s.png lesser weakening poison8839652
2259s.png lesser hindering poison9243752
2258s.png lesser imbalancing poison9647896
2260s.png minor toxic poison100100974
2256s.png lethal poison10410010175
2259s.png major weakening poison11210011204
2259s.png major hindering poison11610012204
2258s.png major imbalancing poison12010013272
2260s.png lesser toxic poison13210014366
2256s.png major lethal poison14410015366
2257s.png lesser infectious serum15210316424
2259s.png greater weakening poison16011117492
2259s.png greater hindering poison16011117492
2258s.png greater imbalancing poison16811918572
2260s.png toxic poison17212319770
2256s.png greater lethal poison17612720770
2259s.png minor inhibiding poison18013121941
2259s.png minor enervating poison18413522941
2258s.png minor crippling poison192143231142
2260s.png major toxic poison196147241276
2256s.png minor lethal venom200200251276
2257s.png infectious serum272223261411
2258s.png lesser crippling poison280231271562
2259s.png lesser inhibiting poison284235281911
2259s.png lesser enervating poison288239291911
2260s.png greater toxic poison292243292115
2256s.png lesser lethal venom296247302115
2258s.png major crippling poison304300312340
2260s.png minor toxic venom308300343506
2256s.png major lethal venom312300353506
2259s.png major inhibiting poison316300363955
2259s.png major enervating poison320300373955
2257s.png major infectious serum328300384199
2260s.png lesser toxic venom332300394736
2256s.png greater lethal venom336300404736
2258s.png greater crippling poison344300425343
2260s.png major toxic venom412400446399
2256s.png insidious lethal venom416400456399
2259s.png greater inhibiting poison460411467216
2259s.png greater enervating poison464415477216
2257s.png greater infectious serum472423487664
2260s.png greater toxic venom488439498643
2256s.png lifebane504500508643

Stat Buff Potions Edit

2266s.png Elixir of Strength352303518000
2266s.png Elixir of Fortitude360311518000
2266s.png Elixir of Dexterity368319518000
2266s.png Elixir of Enlightenment384335530000
2266s.png Elixir of Might6146001042000
2266s.png Elixir of Deftness6196001042000
2266s.png Greater Elixir of Strength410400543500
2266s.png Greater Elixir of Fortitude418400543500
2266s.png Greater Elixir of Dexterity426400543500
2266s.png Greater Elixir of Enlightment442400575000
2266s.png Greater Elixir of Might67262310106500
2266s.png Greater Elixir of Deftness67762810106500
2266s.png Superior Elixir of Strength458409576500
2266s.png Superior Elixir of Fortitude466417576500
2266s.png Superior Elixir of Dexterity474425576500
2266s.png Superior Elixir of Enlightment4904415120000
2266s.png Superior Elixir of Might72170010171000
2266s.png Superior Elixir of Deftness72670010171000

Stat Buff Draughts Edit

2266s.png Draught of Strength9509013022500
2266s.png Draught of Fortitude9509013022500
2266s.png Draught of Dexterity9509013022500
2266s.png Draught of Enlightenment9509013037500
2266s.png Draught of Might105010013052500
2266s.png Draught of Deftness105010013052500
2266s.png Greater Draught of Strength9509013055000
2266s.png Greater Draught of Fortitude9509013055000
2266s.png Greater Draught of Dexterity9509013055000
2266s.png Greater Draught of Enlightment9509013095000
2266s.png Greater Draught of Might1050100130135000
2266s.png Greater Draught of Deftness1050100130135000
2266s.png Superior Draught of Strength9509013097500
2266s.png Superior Draught of Fortitude9509013097500
2266s.png Superior Draught of Dexterity9509013097500
2266s.png Superior Draught of Enlightment95090130150000
2266s.png Superior Draught of Might1050100130215000
2266s.png Superior Draught of Deftness1050100130215000
2266s.png Draught of Courage1100110030200000
2266s.png Draught of Superior Courage1100110030400000
2266s.png Draught of Heroism1100110030600000

Healing Potions Edit

2265s.png Weak Elixir of Healing3923431018000
2265s.png Weak Potion of Healing4404001051000
2265s.png Weak Draught of Healing4884391091500
2265s.png Elixir of Healing4804312015090
2265s.png Potion of Healing5345002037680
2265s.png Draught of Healing5885392075270
2265s.png Improved Elixir of Healing5795303039000
2265s.png Improved Potion of Healing6316003085500
2265s.png Improved Draught of Healing68363430147000
2265s.png Strong Elixir of Healing6746254075000
2265s.png Strong Potion of Healing71370040157500
2265s.png Strong Draught of Healing75270340255000
2265s.png Elixir of Instant Healing100095140170000
2265s.png Greater Elixir of Instant Healing1030100040402500
2265s.png Superior Elixir of Instant Healing1060101140595000

Endurance Potions Edit

2262s.png Weak Elixir of Endurance4004001018000
2262s.png Weak Potion of Endurance4484001051000
2262s.png Weak Draught of Endurance4964471091500
2262s.png Elixir of Endurance4884392015090
2262s.png Potion of Endurance5425002037680
2262s.png Draught of Endurance5965472075270
2262s.png Improved Elixir of Endurance5845353039000
2262s.png Improved Potion of Endurance6366003085500
2262s.png Improved Draught of Endurance68863930147000
2262s.png Strong Elixir of Endurance6796304075000
2262s.png Strong Potion of Endurance71870040157500
2262s.png Strong Draught of Endurance75770840255000
2262s.png Elixir of Instant Endurance100095140170000
2262s.png Greater Elixir of Instant Endurance1030100040402500
2262s.png Superior Elixir of Instant Endurance1060101140595000

Power Potions Edit

2263s.png Weak Elixir of Power4084001018000
2263s.png Weak Potion of Power4564071051000
2263s.png Weak Draught of Power5045001091500
2263s.png Elixir of Power4964472015090
2263s.png Potion of Power5505012037680
2263s.png Draught of Power6046002075270
2263s.png Improved Elixir of Power5895403039000
2263s.png Improved Potion of Power6416003085500
2263s.png Improved Draught of Power69364430147000
2263s.png Strong Elixir of Power6846354075000
2263s.png Strong Potion of Power72370040157500
2263s.png Strong Draught of Power76271340255000
2263s.png Elixir of Instant Power100095140170000
2263s.png Greater Elixir of Instant Power1030100040402500
2263s.png Superior Elixir of Instant Power1060101140595000

Regen Potions Edit

2265s.png Weak Elixir of Mending5195001027000
2262s.png Weak Elixir of Invigoration5245001027000
2263s.png Weak Elixir of Replenishment5295001027000
2265s.png Weak Potion of Mending5595101061500
2262s.png Weak Potion of Invigoration5645151061500
2263s.png Weak Potion of Replenishment5695201061500
2265s.png Weak Draught of Mending58653710103500
2262s.png Weak Draught of Invigoration59254310103500
2263s.png Weak Draught of Replenishment59754810103500
2265s.png Elixir of Mending5645152027090
2262s.png Elixir of Invigoration5695202027090
2263s.png Elixir of Replenishment5745252027090
2265s.png Potion of Mending5995502061680
2262s.png Potion of Invigoration6026002061680
2263s.png Potion of Replenishment6076002061680
2265s.png Draught of Mending62060020103770
2262s.png Draught of Invigoration62560020103770
2263s.png Draught of Replenishment63060020103770
2265s.png Improved Elixir of Mending6396003052500
2262s.png Improved Elixir of Invigoration6446003052500
2263s.png Improved Elixir of Replenishment6496003052500
2265s.png Improved Potion of Mending68463530112500
2262s.png Improved Potion of Invigoration68964030112500
2263s.png Improved Potion of Replenishment69464530112500
2265s.png Improved Draught of Mending72970030180000
2262s.png Improved Draught of Invigoration73470030180000
2263s.png Improved Draught of Replenishment73970030180000
2265s.png Strong Elixir of Mending100095140102500
2262s.png Strong Elixir of Invigoration100095140102500
2263s.png Strong Elixir of Replenishment100095140102500
2265s.png Strong Potion of Mending1026100040252500
2262s.png Strong Potion of Invigoration1026100040252500
2263s.png Strong Potion of Replenishment1026100040252500
2265s.png Strong Draught of Mending1045100040550000
2262s.png Strong Draught of Invigoration1045100040550000
2263s.png Strong Draught of Replenishment1045100040550000

Special Potions Edit

2264s.png Weak Elixir of Shard Skin5095001027000
2267s.png Weak Elixir of Speed5145001027000
2264s.png Weak Potion of Shard Skin5435001061500
2267s.png Weak Potion of Speed5485001061500
2264s.png Weak Draught of Shard Skin57752810103500
2267s.png Weak Draught of Speed58253310103500
2264s.png Elixir of Shard Skin5545052027090
2267s.png Elixir of Speed5595102027090
2264s.png Potion of Shard Skin5795302061680
2267s.png Potion of Speed5845352061680
2264s.png Draught of Shard Skin60460020103770
2267s.png Draught of Speed60960020103770
2264s.png Improved Elixir of Shard Skin6296003052500
2267s.png Improved Elixir of Speed6346003052500
2264s.png Improved Potion of Shard Skin67562630112500
2267s.png Improved Potion of Speed68063130112500
2264s.png Improved Draught of Shard Skin72170030180000
2267s.png Improved Draught of Speed72670030180000
2264s.png Strong Elixir of Shard Skin100095140102500
2267s.png Strong Elixir of Speed100095140102500
2264s.png Strong Potion of Shard Skin1010100040252500
2267s.png Strong Potion of Speed1010100040252500
2264s.png Strong Draught of Shard Skin1023100040370000
2267s.png Strong Draught of Speed1023100040370000

Magical Poisons Edit

2260s.png weak essence of weariness7147004034716
2260s.png essence of weariness10009515027500
2260s.png weak essence of lethargy6896404032843
2260s.png essence of lethargy10009515027500

Effects Edit

193s.png volatile fire alloy weapon tincture5945452014180
193s.png volatile cold alloy weapon tincture5995502014180
193s.png volatile energy alloy weapon tincture6046002014180
193s.png volatile spirit alloy weapon tincture6096002014180
193s.png volatile fire fine alloy weapon tincture6946452527540
193s.png volatile cold fine alloy weapon tincture6996502527540
193s.png volatile energy fine alloy weapon tincture7047002527540
193s.png volatile spirit fine alloy weapon tincture7097002527540
193s.png volatile fire mithril weapon tincture7547053052580
193s.png volatile cold mithril weapon tincture7597103052580
193s.png volatile energy mithril weapon tincture7647153052580
193s.png volatile spirit mithril weapon tincture7697203052580
193s.png volatile fire adamantium weapon tincture7947453597620
193s.png volatile cold adamantium weapon tincture7997503597620
193s.png volatile energy adamantium weapon tincture8048003597620
193s.png volatile spirit adamantium weapon tincture8098003597620
193s.png volatile fire asterite weapon tincture83980040185180
193s.png volatile cold asterite weapon tincture84480040185180
193s.png volatile energy asterite weapon tincture84980040185180
193s.png volatile spirit asterite weapon tincture85480540185180
193s.png volatile fire netherium weapon tincture87983043356520
193s.png volatile cold netherium weapon tincture88483543356520
193s.png volatile energy netherium weapon tincture88984043356520
193s.png volatile spirit netherium weapon tincture89484543356520
193s.png volatile provoking netherium weapon tincture90090045739020
193s.png volatile depletion netherium weapon tincture90690045734020
193s.png volatile ablative arcanium weapon tincture91990047765030
193s.png volatile hardening arcanium weapon tincture92490047765030
193s.png volatile eroding arcanium weapon tincture93490047759673
193s.png volatile celeric arcanium weapon tincture93990047768530
193s.png volatile shard arcanium weapon tincture94490047768530
193s.png volatile fire arcanium weapon tincture94990047693530
193s.png volatile cold arcanium weapon tincture95490547693530
193s.png volatile energy arcanium weapon tincture95991047693530
193s.png volatile spirit arcanium weapon tincture96491547693530
193s.png volatile provoking arcanium weapon tincture98093149916030
193s.png volatile depletion arcanium weapon tincture99694749911030

Charges Edit

193s.png stable fire alloy tincture5345002011680
193s.png stable cold alloy tincture5395002011680
193s.png stable energy alloy tincture5445002011680
193s.png stable spirit alloy tincture5495002011680
193s.png stable fire fine alloy tincture6546052522540
193s.png stable cold fine alloy tincture6596102522540
193s.png stable energy fine alloy tincture6646152522540
193s.png stable spirit fine alloy tincture6696202522540
193s.png stable fire mithril tincture7347003042580
193s.png stable cold mithril tincture7397003042580
193s.png stable energy mithril tincture7447003042580
193s.png stable spirit mithril tincture7497003042580
193s.png stable fire adamantium tincture7747253577620
193s.png stable cold adamantium tincture7797303577620
193s.png stable energy adamantium tincture7847353577620
193s.png stable spirit adamantium tincture7897403577620
193s.png stable fire asterite tincture81480040145180
193s.png stable cold asterite tincture81980040145180
193s.png stable energy asterite tincture82480040145180
193s.png stable spirit asterite tincture82980040145180
193s.png stable fire netherium tincture85981043276520
193s.png stable cold netherium tincture86481543276520
193s.png stable energy netherium tincture86982043276520
193s.png stable spirit netherium tincture87482543276520
193s.png stable fire arcanium tincture89985047533530
193s.png stable cold arcanium tincture90490047533530
193s.png stable energy arcanium tincture90990047533530
193s.png stable spirit arcanium tincture91490047533530
193s.png stable ablative arcanium tincture91990047615030
193s.png stable hardening arcanium tincture92490047615030
193s.png stable enlightening arcanium tincture92990047607030
193s.png stable eroding arcanium tincture93490047609673
193s.png stable celeric arcanium tincture93990047618530
193s.png stable shard arcanium tincture94490047618530
193s.png stable honing arcanium tincture1014100047818530
193s.png stable leeching arcanium tincture1019100047814030
193s.png stable withering arcanium tincture1024100047815030
193s.png stable crippling arcanium tincture1029100047815030

Reactive Effects Edit

193s.png reactive fire asterite armor tincture96992040707860
193s.png reactive fire netherium armor tincture10341000431390540
193s.png reactive fire arcanium armor tincture10541005472244560
193s.png reactive cold asterite armor tincture97492540707860
193s.png reactive cold netherium armor tincture10391000431390540
193s.png reactive cold arcanium armor tincture10591010472244560
193s.png reactive energy asterite armor tincture97993040707860
193s.png reactive energy netherium armor tincture10441000431390540
193s.png reactive energy arcanium armor tincture10641015472244560
193s.png reactive spirit asterite armor tincture98493540707860
193s.png reactive spirit netherium armor tincture10491000431390540
193s.png reactive spirit arcanium armor tincture10691020472244560
193s.png reactive celeric arcanium armor tincture10841035472544560
193s.png reactive ablative arcanium armor tincture10941045472541060
193s.png reactive hardening arcanium armor tincture10741025472541060
193s.png reactive eroding arcanium armor tincture10791030472535703
193s.png reactive shard arcanium armor tincture10891040472544560
193s.png reactive shard fine alloy armor tincture80580025510040
193s.png reactive hardening fine alloy armor tincture83780025510040
193s.png reactive ablative fine alloy armor tincture87282325510040
193s.png reactive shard adamantium armor tincture90490035710120
193s.png reactive hardening adamantium armor tincture93690035710120
193s.png reactive ablative adamantium armor tincture96891935710120
193s.png reactive coil netherium armor tincture10601011452034020
193s.png reactive depletion netherium armor tincture10661017452018040
193s.png reactive draining netherium armor tincture10801031452034020
193s.png reactive coil arcanium armor tincture10771028492819560
193s.png reactive depletion arcanium armor tincture10811032492212060
193s.png reactive draining arcanium armor tincture10981049492762060

Trophy Potions Edit

555s.png minor mammalogy potion53050009996
555s.png minor herpetology potion531500010000
555s.png minor avian potion532500010230
555s.png minor carnivorous potion533500010500
555s.png lesser mammalogy potion8558060249000
555s.png lesser herpetology potion8568070250000
555s.png lesser avian potion8578080250900
555s.png lesser carnivorous potion8588090251000
555s.png major mammalogy potion9459000648550
555s.png major herpetology potion9469000650050
555s.png major avian potion9479000655000
555s.png major carnivorous potion9489000660000
555s.png greater mammalogy potion101010000985000
555s.png greater herpetology potion1011100001000000
555s.png greater avian potion1012100001015000
555s.png greater carnivorous potion1013100001030000
555s.png extraordinary behemoth potion1070102102500810

Water Breathing Potion Edit

504s.png greater nereid potion75070120180035

Transmutative Precipitants Edit

137s.png flask of glacial essence400400052460

Special Charges Edit

555s.png stable shard fine alloy tincture6856362529040
555s.png stable hardening fine alloy tincture7017002532040
555s.png stable enlightening fine alloy tincture7177002526040
555s.png stable shard adamantium tincture7957463584120
555s.png stable hardening adamantium tincture8018003587120
555s.png stable enlightening adamantium tincture8078003581120
555s.png stable greater celeric netherium tincture88083145303520
555s.png stable transference netherium tincture88683745285020
555s.png stable shifting netherium tincture89284345285020
555s.png stable greater celeric arcanium tincture1035100049651030
555s.png stable neutralizing arcanium tincture1041100049671030
555s.png stable revivifying arcanium tincture1047100049671030

Costume Potions - Races Edit

528s.png Briton - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Briton - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Saracen - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Saracen - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Avalonian - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Avalonian - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Highlander - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Highlander - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Inconnu - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Inconnu - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Half Ogre - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Half Ogre - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Kobold - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Kobold - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Dwarf - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Dwarf - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Norse - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Norse - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Troll - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Troll - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Valkyn - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Valkyn - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Frostalf - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Frostalf - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Celt - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Celt - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Lurikeen - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Lurikeen - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Firbolg - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Firbolg - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Elf - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Elf - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Sylvan - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Sylvan - Female potion9001000042820
528s.png Shar - Male potion9001000042820
528s.png Shar - Female potion9001000042820

Costume Potions - Monster Edit

528s.png skeleton potion9001000042820
528s.png ghost potion9001000042820
528s.png spirit potion9001000042820
528s.png werewolf potion9001000042820
528s.png goblin potion9001000042820
528s.png zombie potion9001000042820
528s.png clockwork potion9001000042820
528s.png good pixie potion9001000042820
528s.png evil pixie potion9001000042820
528s.png black spider potion9001000042820
528s.png green simulacrum potion9001000042820
528s.png blue simulacrum potion9001000042820
528s.png red simulacrum potion9001000042820
528s.png arachite potion9001000042820
528s.png vendo potion9001000042820
528s.png demon potion9001000042820
528s.png gnome potion9001000042820
528s.png imp potion9001000042820
528s.png succubus potion9001000042820
528s.png fomoroian potion9001000042820
528s.png drakoran potion9001000042820
528s.png tomte potion9001000042820
528s.png headless corpse potion9001000042820
528s.png corpse potion9001000042820
528s.png black cat potion9001000042820
528s.png black wolf potion9001000042820
528s.png fellwood potion9001000042820
528s.png brownie potion9001000042820
528s.png roman skeleton potion9001000042820
528s.png caveman potion9001000042820
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