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The Britons are the human inhabitants of Albion, the kingdom that Arthur founded and kept intact for his reign. Now, however, it is starting to decline, especially in the border areas, where constant incursion by enemy raiding parties is becoming common. The Britons are comprised of the common Briton, the tall intelligent Avalonian, the brawny Highlander, and the dexterous Saracen.

Briton magic comes from the study of the arts of elemental magic, the essence of all that is around us. The center of this study is the city of Avalon, which boasts the strongest and most powerful mage guilds.

The Highlanders were driven from their territories north of Camelot by the incessant warfare with the other Realms. They are larger than the other Britons, usually are strong and hardy. The Avalonians are from the mystical city of Avalon, which is the seat of magical study in Albion. Hence, they are of a more magical bent than the other Briton inhabitants. The Saracens are the descendents of the dusky-colored people from the far southern deserts whose ancestors signed on to Arthur's crusade. They are generally quicker and more dexterous than their Briton counterparts.

Aye, the sun has lost some of it's fire with the loss of Arthur Pendragon. Aye, our enemies bark at the gates of our fair realm. Merlin is seen no more and the Knights of the Round Table are scattered. And yet, the dream of Camelot remains, and there are those among us who still follow Arthur's code of chivalry. Our knights are the finest in the world, and our mages carry on the traditions of the master wizard, Merlin. But our enemies swarm around us, and Morgana's evil sorcery raises the dead. These are dark times, indeed, yet not hopeless. We but need new blood - dauntless men and women to defend our lands and to rid the countryside of the plague of bandits and monsters belligerent to humankind. See here the many wonders of Albion and choose your path to glory.

From the rolling hills of Camelot to the mountainous peaks of Snowdonia, Albion is through and through the land of Arthur. Forged from his iron will, paid for by the blood of Knights and commoner alike, Albion encompasses the ideals, the laws, and the heritage of its most famous King. The people of Albion are a mostly homogenous lot - sturdy Britons, hulking Highlanders, graceful swift Saracens, the tall intelligent Avalonians, and the small mysterious Inconnu make up the different races in the Realm.

Geography of Albion[]

The center of culture and government in Albion is the city of Camelot, the former seat of the throne of Arthur. From there stretch the forests and plains of the Realm: to the west of Camelot lie huge plains, deep dark forests, trackless swamps, and haunted hills. To the north loom the mountains of Snowdonia, and frontier lands, dangerous and unpredictable. The geography of Albion is varied and rolling, and is home to many dangerous creatures. Especially of note are the disturbing stories of the legions of undead Roman soldiers, long in their graves, now risen to walk the land once more. More mundane creatures lie in wait for the unwary traveler of the Realm, grown ever more bold in the years since Arthur's demise.

Races of Albion[]

Because Albion is the remnant of King Arthur's kingdom, the races available are, for the most part, based on the Arthurian Legends.

Native to Albion. Britons are a hearty, adaptable people with the ability to succeed in any profession or discipline set before them. Though many years have passed since the the days of King Arthur, the Britons remain loyal to their ideals.
Said to be touched by the same arcane essence that empowers the Elves of Hibernia, this tall, fair race of humans has a strong affinity for the magical arts. They have come from the isle of Avalon to aid the heirs of Arthur.
Following in the footsteps of the first Saracen Knight, Sir Palomides, many men and women from the nomadic desert tribes have found their home in Albion. They are a dark skinned people known for their feats of agility and stealth
Once at odds with the Britons, these strong and able bodied clansfolk have come to the lowlands of Albion to defend against their common enemies. Proud of their clan heritage, they display their clan colors in the tartans they wear even as they charge forth on the battlefield.
Natives of underworld and servants of its king, Arawn, the Inconnu have joined the battle at their Lords' behest to gain Albion's favor in their struggles to free Avalon City from it's invaders. The Inconnu are easily recognizable by their small frames, pale blue skin and black eyes. They are apt in the arts of necromancy, but are a versatile race capable of mastering many professions.
Hailing from the Isle of Avalon, this half-breed race is as intelligent as they are strong and are capable of mastering the arcane arts as well as becoming fights of great renown.
The Minotaur, distinguishable by their bull-like heads atop powerful human bodies, are the remnants of an ancient civilization whose different clans are scattered across the realms, the Uruz-Korazh tribe settled in Albion. Minotaur are combative by nature and do not shy away from any clash of arms.

Classes of Albion[]

The footsoldier of Albion, the Armsman is the main fighter of the realm. He can use almost any weapon and armor, as well as the ability to wield crossbows and polearms.
Spellcasters who specialize in the study and manipulation of spirit magic, Cabalists gain the ability to summon a pet to do their bidding, as well as blind and disease their enemies.
The primary healing class of the Realm, the Cleric can prepare their friends for battle as well as aid them during and after the conflict.
A specialist class, the Friar is a hybrid cleric/fighter who gains the ability to fight with staves and retains some healing and buffing abilities.
The Infiltrator is a roguish class that specializes in hidden movement, spying and backstabbing opponents.
Heretics are a cleric class that has renounced the Church and become an adherent of Arawn, the lord of the underworld. As evil Clerics, they fit into the hybrid category, with both the use of combat styles and high-damage focus spells.
Maulers are a hybrid class comprised of brawny and brutish melee elements along with unique powers and spells. This brawling class channels earthen elemental powers, such as gravity, magnetism and auras to augment their melee combat.
The Mercenary is a light fighter that can fight with two weapons at once, as well as utilize more fluid combat styles that focus on positional combat style attacks.
Minstrels are hybrid rogues that have the ability to perform songs that give their group members enhanced abilities, and also can use weapons and armor.
The Necromancer is a pet caster who does all of his actions through his pet. Unlike other traditional pet casters such as Enchanters and Cabalists, who wield a mix of magic with pet assistance, the necromancer is powerless without his pet.
A hybrid fighter, Paladins can wear plate armor, as well as specialize in two-handed weapons. They also learn chants that aid their group members while in combat.
Reavers are hybrid Necromancer/Fighters with chain armor and a variety of weapon skills. They are the fighting class that protects Arawn, lord of the underworld.
The archer class of Albion, Scouts can use the famed English Longbow to damage their enemies from a long range, as well as use shields and some melee weapons.
The Sorcerer is a spellcaster that focuses on the control and destruction of Body, Matter and Mind. They receive mesmerizing, direct damage, damage over time spells. They may also force a pet to submit to their will.
Theurgists are spellcasters who harness the power of Air, Ice and Earth and shape them into spells capable of calling forth elemental creatures to aid them in battle.
Elementalist spellcasters who can learn the element of Fire. Wizards have a very potent offensive spell damage.

Guilds of Albion[]

The Church of Albion - The Church of Albion is the most public most recognized religion in the Realm. It's Holy Grail symbol can be found in all villages and towns in the Realm, for the Church is an important part of everyday life.

The Guild of Shadows - Made up of the underworld of Camelot, the Guild of Shadows teaches different classes pragmatic methods to dispatch their enemies. They are tolerated in Albion for the simple reason that they are very effective at what they do, so long as they practice their arts on enemy realms and monsters. Members of this guild are proud of the fact that they owe allegiance to no organization save their own and the Realm of Albion.

The Academy - The Academy is the school founded by the famous wizard Merlin, sage and advisor to King Arthur. Wizards, Sorcerers and Minstrels can all train at the Academy.

The Temple of Arawn - The Temple of Arawn will accept Disciples, for the sole purpose of advancing their studies of death and undeath, as well as Reavers, who are hybride Necromancers/Fighters.

The Defenders of Albion - The Defenders are the organization that makes up the Army of Albion - professional soldiers who specialize in finding the enemy and fighting him. Directly under the stewardship of Duke Bors, the leader of the Albion military, the Defenders are prepared night and day to take to the battlefield to route the enemy.

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