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Quest Start: Dockmaster
Quest Finish: Dockmaster

Quest Text[]


Speak to the dockmaster again and purchase a boat ticket. Hand him the ticket and ride the boat to the island just offshore. Speak with the dockmaster there to complete this quest.


Aye, I've seen some fine ships in my day. This one here is one of the finer. Sadly it's doomed to the life of a cargo and ferry boat. I can give you a ticket to the island out there if you need it. Just let me know, friend. As of now it is under siege, but many opportunities lay open to a hardened adventurer.

The Dockmaster says, "You have thirty seconds to board the boat. (Double click or use the take item key to boat)"

Hey there, I hope you enjoyed the trip!


  • 417 Experience
  • 1 silver 53 copper